Technical Details for Evacuated Glass Tube Solar System
Capacity in Liter Occupied Area By
Solar System (NS*EW) in Feet
110 7 x 3.5
160 7 x 5
210 7 x 6.5
250 7 x 7.5
300 7 x 8.5
500 D.T. 8 x 9
500 (Many fall system) 9 x 14
600 (Many fall system) 10.5 x 14
* If Required Upper lit. capacity is Adjustable with Tube lit. capacity
* Condition Apply
Collerctor Specifications
Collerctor Size 1 m X 2 m.
Collector fin material Copper with black chrome (Nalson Cotting)
Bond beween fin & tube Ultrasonic welded
Header & footer pipe material Copper
Reflector Aluminum foil
Insulatin Rock wool/Glasswool
Glazing 4mm thick Toughened/Tempered glass
Exceptional Benefits of Integrated Solar Water Heaters
  • High efficiency with 93% absorption.
  • Unlike flat plates solar the tubes can be cleaned easily from inside, scales can be easily removed in case of hard water.
  • Powder coated outer tank with PUF insulation ensures low conduction and convection losses to atmosphere.
  • Powder coted stand to give more strength & life.
  • Low cost and long life.
  • Excellent service back up.
Unique advantages of Delta Solar
  • Best insulation is provided by evacuated glass tubes.
  • Works on the principle of natural Thermosyphon Circulation.
  • The system is being commercially used since last 10 years by a number of nations like USA, Japan, Germany, Australia, Spain and many others.
  • Government of India (MNRE) have approved the product ETC & decided to promote its use throughout our country.
King's Height Rajkot 21000 Lit.
Copper Height Rajkot 15000 Lit.
Suncity Appartment Rajkot 6600 Lit.
Patel Girls Hostel Liliya 6000 Lit.
Devi School Rajasthan 5000 Lit.
M. R. M. School Rajasthan 5000 Lit.
Vidhya Bharti School Rajasthan 4500 Lit.
Tapovan Developers Rajkot 3500 Lit.
R. K. College Rajkot 3000 Lit.
Hotel The Khirasara Palace Rajkot 2500 Lit.
Rajkot District Co-Op. Bank Rajkot 1500 Lit.
Hotel Regency Jamnagar 2000 Lit.
Mundra Power Plant Kutch 3000 Lit.
Visnu Prints Industrial Rajasthan 1500 Lit.
Hotel Ripon Palace Bombay 2000 Lit.
Biyani Girls Collage Jaipur 1000 Lit.
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